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Technical Packaging is committed to design and installation of packaging equipment that will allow your packaging operation to grow with your business.

Using Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) we can illustrate the various options to configure your equipment to conform to your space limitations, while allowing you to grow without the need to totally reconfigure your packaging operation.

Our proposals will include layout, installation and cost justification.

Combi Case Erectors
Case erectors are the core product in the Combi line.
We sell Combi erectors for every conceivable application,
from extra small to extra tall with a wide range of speed capabilities. Tech Packaging offers Lantech's revolutionary shrink wrappers. Tech Packaging offers a complete line of Lantech Stretch Wrappers. Tech Packaging offers the P-1000 Automatic Palletizing Stretch Wrapper, which is an exciting new product from Lantech that integrates two packaging operations, palletizing and stretch wrapping, into one simplified machine. Tech Packaging offers a full line of
3M case sealers that can improve productivity and
reduce operating expenses at the end of your packaging line — the most expensive place in your plant for bottlenecks. Tech Packaging offers Combi solutions for case loading in
top load, side load, drop pack, and bottom upload configurations.

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